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Violet Jessop survived the sinkings of all 3 of the White Star Line ships, Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic.

Juliet Ruby Violet Merrimack-trendy (popular in a quit sense, board games, competitive, trivia, smart)

Make Life Lovelyfrom Make Life Lovely

Downton Abbey Tea Party + Free Printable Downton Abbey Trivia Quiz

Make Life Lovely: Downton Abbey Tea Party + Free Printable Downton Abbey Trivia Quiz

Hooked on Housesfrom Hooked on Houses

It's a Wonderful Life: George & Mary's Drafty Old House

“It’s a Wonderful Life:” George and Mary Bailey’s Drafty Old House in Bedford Falls Entertainmentfrom Entertainment

Summer Wars Review: As Good as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?

Summer Wars anime

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15 badass women of World War II you didn't learn about in history class.

15 badass women of World War II, Violette Szabo, Allied Spy wreaked havoc against Nazis in France until she was caught and died in Ravensbruck

871 King Ethelred of Wessex and his brother Alfred (the Great) defeated the Danish Vikings at the Battle of Ashdown.


Purple Heart

Purple Heart/Tradescantia Trivia: The cells of the stamen hairs of some Tradescantia are colored blue, but when exposed to sources of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, the cells mutate and change color to pink; they are one of the few tissues known to serve as an effective bioassay for ambient radiation levels