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Words are art.

Shadow play sculptures from artist Fred Eerdekens. Playing with light, the typography exists as a shadow- intangiable?

Fred Eerdekens - shadow typografie

Fred Eerdekens - an interesting look at creating a piece that combines both tangible, hand-crafted typography with the type that it creates with its shadow.

Shadow art - http://www.fred-eerdekens.be/

Fred Eerdekens is a Belgian artist whose work explores still uncharted realms of linguistics in the wake of post-structuralist thought.

Christmas  | Annie Vought - http://centophobe.com/christmas-annie-vought/

Paper cut letters suspended by pins by Annie Vought - again we have this idea that the artist has created two different alphabets - the physical one she has made from paper in this case, and the one created by its shadow.

change and adaptation: priests give advice to the people in their church and they can change the views of other people and give them a bigger or broader view on faith. It can also connect them to their faith like how a light bulb provides light and makes people see better.

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L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir - édition 2015

Bristol-based visual artist Joanie Lemercier has been experimenting with light projected onto canvases. This lastest work created for a Birmingham gallery space.

"My emotions escaped from language".  Inspired shadow art. Fred Eerdekens

"My emotions escaped from language" 2011 - Shadow art by belgian artist Fred Eerdekens

Alexandra maakt vloerkleden die ons direct laten denken dat we ons in een sprookjesbos bevinden. Ze maken de kamer heel bijzonder en groen!

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Sun-Hyuk Kim: Metal 2010 Sculpture “The way to happiness II”

Sun-Hyuk Kim: Metal 2010 Sculpture “The way to happiness II”

We are enjoying the metal and root sculptures of South Korean artist Sun-Hyuk Kim this morning. Kim received a master's degree in Sculpture from t.

Amazing Screw Art

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