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    "Now he knows it never will." -Dixie Chicks

    "It Ain't That Easy To Do." -Dixie Chicks

    "On a day that was so crappy - whole and happy, you're alive." -Neutral Milk Hotel

    "Like you're cha-, like you're chasing the tru-u-u-u-uth." -Glass Animals

    "Now can we place a bet You love collect calls inside of your cigarettes." -Glass Animals

    "I don't know what stressed me first Or how the pressure was fed." -Linkin Park

    "I don't fancy you too much, child I don't fancy you too much." -Destiny's Child

    "It spelled disaster All hoping, all hoping for dancing He was looking, and looking stunning." -Modest Mouse

    "But if you're gonna, well, then you better Unkiss me, Untouch me." -Maroon 5

    "I believe I'm in your water too cause you act just like you need me I got an eye on a spy on a satellite checking you out." -Jason Mraz

    "Mama's little baby better get herself in out of the lightning." -Counting Crows

    "It's been a lot to change But you will always get what you want." -Two Door Cinema Club

    "Let's get this started girl We're moving up, we're moving up." -Two Door Cinema Club

    "Cause all my mistakes They brought me to you I have some "friends" they don't know who I am." -The Avett Brothers

    "Ahh Kansas, I'm kneeling, Ah Kansas, please Cleveland I ain't never felt nothing so strong." -The Avett Brothers

    "And there has always been laughing, crying, birth, and dying Boys and girls with hearts that take and give and break." -Jack Johnson

    "Cause when he's not drunk He's only stuck on himself." -Jack Johnson

    "But I don't know to where, And nobody's gonna tell me now, And I don't really care. No, no, no." -Meat Loaf

    "I've lived my life and I'm only eighteen I left the country for the city Thought I was smart but I was silly." -Dolly Parton

    "Sis, you're gettin' in too deep The road of life is steep And you're known by the company you keep." -Dolly Parton

    "I can ever stand to hear. It burned my tongue It burned my tongue." -The Mountain Goats

    "I'll be in the ocean, I'll be out there for weeks. I will never tolerize I will never fortify." -Volcano Choir

    "In dearth or in excess both the slave and the empress will return to the dirt I guess, naked as when they came." -Fleet Foxes

    "I must Have you everyday As regularly As coffee or tea You've got me." -Bing Crosby

    "Where the blue of the night Meets the gold of the day Someone waits for me." -Bing Crosby