Kitten with ducks!

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The Kitten Who Fell in love With a Turtle

A helping paw, If these pretty Kitty's know how to help one another why are some bastards in life always finding ways to drag others down???? look and learn

What to do......

Kitten and duckling


Real rubber ducks

Pure White Persian Kitten

These are the most adorable socks ever!!!

Mother cat with baby ducks and her kittens....What a beautiful photo!

Little wolf kitten....just died of cuteness overload!!

Love kittens ♥

I have a black/white tuxedo kitty....I don't think in my entire life that I have ever seen a gray/white tuxedo kitty


OMG.. Beautiful grey KITTEN..

I love this kitten mug it is really cute

cute kitten

Kitty kitty

Lovely cat