My current obsession and dream - a cherrry blossom tattoo on my foot with the Mother-Daughter in Chinese, too bad I am such a wimp with pain.... sooze66

cherry blossom foot tattoo

The pain

Foot Tattoo

I refuse to sink- would look cute on foot

I just couldn't, but WOW !

So cute, this is the tiny tattoo I've been trying to describe to people. Being a ballerina makes me want this SO BAD. Can't decide if I want it on my left side just under my heart or behind my ear.

Mother/daughter tattoo

My dream tattoo..

different spot but i like it.

great tattoo!

I love this Harry Potter tattoo, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds!

#flower #tattoo

star foot tattoo

Foot Tattoos by BlaqqCat Tattoos, via Flickr

cherry blossom tattoo

Family Tattoo on Foot but with kids d.o.b

Foot Tattoo Designs. Looking forward to have a brand new foot tattoos? Still deciding on what design you'll pick? Yeah, I do love foot tattoos...

That's so cute

tattoo pain rating. too bad I already have tats in the worst pain area..

one foot for each kid you have