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DIY tutorial: Fort Building Kit. Cool gift for a child. Includes 2 sheets, rope, flashlight & batteries, suction cups & clothes pins(for ties sewn onto corners of the sheets), & simple storage bag. Awesome idea!!!

Milk-and-Cookie Shots

Cookie Cups Inspired by Dominique Ansel's Cookie Shots - but with BAILEYS. Or White Russian.

Harvest Homemade Gift Giving Tags, labels, toppers PRINTABLE Collection - You Customize EDITABLE TEXT Instant Download

50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas! hahahahahahahah I am going to do this!

Surprise Filled Gift Balls. This fun gift giving idea may look like just a ball of yarn, but it's really a bunch of little gifts wrapped layer by layer. The recipient has to unwind the entire ball of yarn to receive all the gifts that are hidden inside!