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Water balloon slip and slide .. I want to do this soooooo bad!SUMMER 2012

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Make a water balloon to end all water balloons. | 32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

One word.... Awesome!

Paint slip 'n' slide

Twister with colored shaving cream... Me and Savannah's bucket list!!(:

DIY color powder for a color fight party or photo shoot {the perfect summer bucket list fun}

Break glow sticks into bottles of water for some nighttime lawn bowling action. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

pop the balloons filled with paint on white canvas.....all I could think of when I saw this was PRINCESS DIARIES!

industrial unpoppable bubbles - Say what

Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche

Putting a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns

Hush Bottles: the calm down solution- Fill a bottle with 3/4 water, one bottle of glitter glue, & ultra fine glitter. Then send this bottle with your child to timeout and they can watch it settle to calm them. Once the glitter is settled their time is up!

Serious Balloons

Forget the slip&slide...this; is so much more fun! Another diy...one day!

Light up your summer nights with this cool DIY LED balloon idea! Pintwist of the glow sticks, colours and another fun and creative DIY project!!

crayon hearts

We love balloons, but the options in most party stores are lacking and we've worked really hard to create fun and pretty printed balloons for your celebrations. These bold balloons are sure to make your bridal shower, birthday party and celebratory events.

Water balloons filled with paint! Want to have a water balloon fight? OH YEAH! (Wear white t's when doing this!)