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RealDoll – The World's Finest Love Doll. Oh wow. You can buy just the torsos. That...that is the worst thing I've ever seen.

Look for plus size tops that have deep v necklines. You could choose them in darker colour while choosing to wear a lighter coloured camisole underneath. This would slice up the torso in two parts adding more femininity t o your body.


Woman Porn: The Jamie Dornan Edition

Sheriff Graham from Once Upon A Time. Still upset they killed him off...

Have you ever stopped to think about how sexist it is in our clean little Western suburbs? I see men jogging all the time without their shirt on. But women's torsos are offensive and must be covered. Think about it.

Nel 2007 suscito' forti polemiche un'immagine della campagna pubblicitaria di 'Dolce e Gabbana' dove era raffigurato un uomo a torso nudo mentre impegnato a tenere una donna inchiodata a terra per i polsi mentre altri quattro osservano la scena.

This man breaks gender binary through fashion as he decides the whole store is for him. He buys and wears what he wants regardless of the section it is in. "Men have two arms. Women have two arms. Men have two legs. Women have two legs. Legs and arms, in both cases, are connected by a torso which is, genitals included, more or less the same. Tops must have holes for a head and two hands. Pants must have holes for feet. "


Star Wars Women's Stormtrooper Costume Tank Top

Why should Han and Luke have all the fun? With our Star Wars Juniors Stormtrooper Costume Tank Top, the fairer sex can now enjoy impersonating one of the Stormtroopers from the incredibly popular Star Wars film series as well! This bright white Star Wars tank top mimics the design of a Stormtrooper's armor (on the torso, at least) - just don't go diving down any garbage chutes, as we cannot guarantee you'll be able to get those kind of stains out of this 94% cotton, 6% spandex garment. Nor…

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19 Shirtless Men Share Their Body Image Struggles

19 Shirtless Men Share Their Body Image Struggles -

Brigitte Bardot turned her back on stardom in 1973, at the height of her beauty—and went off to start her real life. As an exhibition of photographs of Bardot hits L.A., the curator, Henry-Jean Servat, gets a rare invitation to the St. Tropez sanctuary of the French legend, who expresses no regrets about her sex-kitten years and no interest in her image, but a total commitment to her cause.

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MCS 7th grader wins Media Literacy Project contest

Hilarious typography... sex does sell

When you're looking for inspiration, it often can come from the same place, in different ways, depending on what you need. Hence my frequent return to Brett Whiteley...

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How A Beauty Editor Dealt With Psoriasis

How to deal with this incredibly frustrating, common skin issue