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RealDoll – The World's Finest Love Doll. Oh wow. You can buy just the torsos. That...that is the worst thing I've ever seen.

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GOP’s woman-haters club swells: Why their hatred is actually getting worse

PP: Republicans somehow feel the image portrayed by sheep herders two thousand years ago of women being subservient to men should be reinstated as the norm. May I suggest republicans voted out of office become the new norm.

~Why "I'm not like the other girls" is harmful. The truth is, none of us are "like the other girls," if by "the other girls" you actually mean the girls society and media want us to believe we are.

Women. Throughout the years women's status has elevated gradually. I believe that this picture is expressing the capability of a women and the fear society has when power is not only rewarded to a man.

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'You can't take a bad picture of the guy': Legendary photojournalist Art Shay's retrospective of classic American icons, including his favorite John F. Kennedy

Muddy Waters and his wife Geneva in Chicago (1951) | Photographer: Art Shay ©


8 Of The Worst Things About Ads Directed Toward Women

8 Of The Worst Things About Ads Directed Toward Women |

HAPPY MONDAY!! We hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Sometimes we can be our own worst critic. What are you saying about yourself today? Are the words you’re speaking helping to build yourself up or are they tearing you down? Today let’s use words to uplift ourselves and the people around us! Don’t forget …

worst manipulative woman images and quotes | galleries manipulative people quotes sayings women manipulation quotes ...

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The Last House on the Left (2009)

Horror Movie Posters - Bing Images

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Etiquette for a Lady

lady rules of etiquette

[Click on this image to find a short video and analysis of Joseph Gordon-Levitt describing why he needs feminism] Once upon a time I posted on an AskReddit thread asking about your worst date. I described a date in which a man I had been out with a couple times prior came over to watch a movie and when my tiny, sweet dog Sushi jumped in his lap he shoved her VIOLENTLY off of him (she hit the entertainment center!!!) and snarled "I don't like dogs"....~ Molly McIsaac

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26 Inspiring Beauty Quotes That Will Make You Feel All the Feels

wise words i'd rather that than all those other things. you can lose weight usually people don't change their personalities and traits.

Pauline Floyd, US Suffragette. Her audacious banner quotes President Wilson's own words back at him: "The time has come to conquer or submit. For us there is but one choise. We have made it." (Poor man thought he was only talking about the Great War.)

This is hilarious, but I think it is endlessly weird and romantic that they are together. :) (this woman is the actual real life daughter of the actor who played the fifth doctor, and married to david tennant, who played the tenth doctor... she also acted in a one off role where she played the tenth doctor's daughter)

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On Introverts

There's a big difference between those 2 sentences #introvert