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couples invited baby boy shower BBQ Game: Baby Bottle Race (adults only). I filled dollar store baby bottles with 2 oz. of beer. You should have heard the guys complaining and bragging that it was only 2 oz. until I said “go”. It’s harder than it looks. A full 8 oz. baby bottle would have worn out their jaw before they finished. Hilarious!

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Bowtie Baby Shower Game

Printable bow-tie themed baby shower game. Fits in an 8x10 frame. Simply print and frame for a quick and easy decor option for your baby boy baby shower! Print and cut out bow ties and glue to clothes pins for an adorable game at your baby boy shower!

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Mod(ern) Baby Shower

Modern baby shower // pickerill creative

What a creative way to serve drinks to your baby shower guests! Instead of regular cups, use baby bottles & just remove the rubber tops! What's great about this idea is that the mother-to-be can use the bottles after the little one actually arrives!

Baby shower games for COUPLES baby shower! This is hilarious, great ideas for guys to be included and actually have a great time!

Baby Shower Game - Blow up a balloon to make your body match the size of the pregnant women. Then measure the prego against the competitors. Whoever is closest wins!

Bottle Chugging!! Give each guest a baby bottle and fill it with milk, juice, water, etc. Have everyone line up, and shout "Go!" The players have to drink the liquid as quickly as they can – through the nipple. (No unscrewing the top allowed!) Whoever finishes first is the winner. This game is especially entertaining if you're throwing a co-ed shower.

Whether you're planning a daring couple's shower or a tame for-all-ages party, this game is always a hilarious hit. Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice-beer for the guys at a grown-ups' party and apple juice for the kids at a family baby shower. Then, give everyone a bottle and on the count of three they must suck the bottles dry as quickly as possible. The first person to down the contents of his or her bottle wins.

Shower games - baby chug - guests try to chug (2 or 3 oz) of beer or apple juice from a baby bottle - first one done wins! (It is much harder than it looks)

couples invited baby boy shower BBQ Games We did two games: Don’t Break Your Water (all ages). Guests lined up and a finish line was marked a short distance away. Each guest was handed a water balloon. They were instructed to place them between their knees and to get to the finish line first without “breaking their water”. Kids and adults enjoyed this one and a prize was awarded to each.

Bobbing for Nipples - Buckets of water with baby bottle nipples or pacifiers (or both). Set the clock for 2 minutes. Without using their hands, see how many nipples each person can recover before time is up. For a coed shower, put the men to the test with this game.

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Carnival Co-ed Baby Shower

Carnival Co-ed Baby Shower. This is great idea if I ever have to plan a baby shower. Looks fun and entertaining

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Rubber Ducks Baby Shower Party Ideas

Cute baby shower or party centerpiece. Can do with dollar store stuff. @ DIY Home Ideas

Inside each bag is something for the baby that starts with that letter....the one with the most correct guesses wins the prize!

Guess how many baby shower game. Get different bottles filled with different items. More than one winner.

Baby Beer Bottles! and 9 other games to play at your co-ed baby shower | Offbeat Mama

Game Ideas For Baby Showers With Couples.