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  • Jillian Staton

    I really want one of these! Hang Drum, Panart, melodic metal percussion drum, steel pan, steel drum, Hapi - Photo

  • Jessica Muneer

    The Saucer-like Shape Creates Some of the Most Peaceful Sounds on Earth -

  • Bodhi Lee

    Daniel Waples on the hang drum.  Created in 2000, the Hang (pronounced “hung”) is one of the younger musical instruments. It comes from Bern, Switzerland, and was created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer OF THE PANArt Company. It was the result of many years of research on

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Daniel Waples....playing the Hang drum...he is such an inspiration x

Hang Drum. YouTube this thing. It's awesome.

▶ Hang Solo "This is not a Drum" Rafael Sotomayor - YouTube

Funky new melodic percussion instrument -- the "hand pan"! (Dante Bucci - "Fanfare" - Copyright 2008)

The unique tone of the HAPI Drum, is created by a tuned vibrating tongue of steel.

this instrument is currently hanging in a museum and is one of the only harp/dulcimer created in the world.

One of a kind custom cigar band drum set by CTProPercussion

Hang Drum. These sound absolutely amazing and etherial! I am going to get one of these as soon as I have the spare cash!!

Hang Drums: I recently came across the Hang drums, and I am amazed. What incredible smooth sound they make. They are developed by PANArt in Switzerland.