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Lauren DiCioccio, 2006, Hand-embroidery on cotton muslin, upholstered around the The New York Times

♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ embroidered vintage photo

black and white phto of kids, mount to bristol board. use magazine collages to cover all of face surface.

The artist, Sarah Walton, says her machine needle is her art pen. You should see more of her work!

Hand-embroidered newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

Feli by Eduardo Morales Looking at the use of different textiles within one piece.

Maria Aparicio of Santiago, Chile collaborates with photographers – adding unexpected visual elements with needle and thread.

lauren dicioccio. damn, I did something like this recently, I guess it was a good idea...

Embroidered-ok im art-y and an xray tech but idk about this cool or wierd...

I love this embroidered piece. The Mama cat is holding her baby kitten xx