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Jojoba Oil

more uses for epsom salts: to create Wavy Hair – mix a teaspoon of salts + a few drops of olive (or jojoba) oil + 1/4 cup H20 in a spritzer bottle and mist on damp hair. All Natural Annie


25 Ways Of How To Make Your Hair Wavy

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Encourage your natural curls and waves with a DIY leave in lotion-- 1/2 Tbsp regular hair conditioner, 1 Tbsp dissolved lavender Epsom salt, 1/2 Tsp dissolved table salt. Apply to damp hair and let air dry

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get rid of unwanted hair ANYWHERE! For 1 week, rub 2 tbsp coffee grounds mixed with 1 tsp baking soda. The baking soda intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root To not have to shave your legs would be awesome! Have GOT to try this!!!



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brown hair with highlights and lowlights - PERFECT!!!


3 Simple Techniques to Get Wavy Long Hair



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Love this red. Aloxxi Hair Color Personality Don't Prosciutto The Messenger® hair color | red hair | long hair | beach waves | heavy bangs | long bangs | redhead

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submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin! This is life-changing

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Olive Oil Cup

DIY Olive Oil HAIR Protein Treatment: 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of honey and an egg yolk!



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Can't Wait for my hair to be long enough to do this!

TotalBeautyfrom TotalBeauty

How to Get Tousled Wavy Hair for Every Length

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Beauty Tips provides the glory for women's skin here is the Fashion Tips included women health,women fashion trends,dresses


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Brunettehair Paulmitchell

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Hair and makeup. Fabulous.

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Wavy hair with pens/pencils!

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Seven Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments

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My Everyday Hair: Heatless Wavy Hair. This is definitely my favorite heatless tutorial I've seen!! I could actually sleep on this and I think it would work amazing. I'm trying this tonight!

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Bed Head Deep Waver - Love this stuff! Creates really pretty beachy waves. I have fine straight hair, but my curl stays all day and the next day, even without hair spray.

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Mix a tsp of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of glycerin. Mix the ingredients until smooth. Mix in a beaten egg. Mix well. Add 2 Tablespoons of caster oil. Thoroughly mix. Apply the mask on the entire length of the hair. Place the plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Leave the mask on your hair for 2 hours. After wash your hair using shampoo. The mask should be done 2 times a week. Do this for 1 month. After 1 month, you can make masks for prevention – Apply 1 time in 2 weeks…


How to grow your hair faster: 1 to 2 inches in just 1 week



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1- Put whatever the amount is of olive oil to cover you whole head and put it in the cup. 2- Put the cup in the Microwave for 10 seconds or less (REMEMBER: if the oil is to hot you hair may fall out so make sure its touchable and slightly warm). 3- Apply Olive Oil to roots and ends. 4- This sounds silly but keep your head upside down for 4 minutes. 5- After those 4 minutes sit up and keep the Olive Oil in for 2 hours. 6- Last but not least Wash the Oil OUT! it may take a while to get it all…

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cool hair idea

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wavy hair tutorial

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Sea Spray Hair Spray




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