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Men vs. Women.

Men vs. Women.

Men vs. Women.

Friends TV show. Men vs Women. OMG IM LAUGHING SOOOO HARD at this. THIS IS SOOOOOO SO TRUE~!

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Just Joey again



I'm a woman!

they always make me laugh! <3 this show!

Nailed it. @Joni Woolmer Arcocha Rohr #HungerGames

How I Met Your Mother :) and if you look you'll see Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato:)) selena on the yellow bouncy ball thing and demi right in front of barney with the glasses

Too funny... I laughed hard! "your hair is like a flock of goats." if someone told me that i would date them! Christian pick-up lines

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory relatable post: Your crush walks by and your friends give you this look.. LOL!!

one of my all time favorite Friends moment... it's like a cow's opinion, doesn't matter.. <3