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    Cenotes, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.

    A life outdoors

    Forest Lyra...... oh yes pleeeasee.....someday...everyday

    Les 7 Doigts de la Main



    Sanctuary- Mario Sorrenti........ times like these are the most ive ever felt to home.

    Some carbon nanotube shapes that nanotechnology researchers can now create.

    Castle Rock Colorado Sacred Geometry Workshop Flyer - 20 May 2012

    i will do that.:) haha... someday... oh yes... spread art.. inspire!>!>>! beauty!!!..

    Roller Derby Gurls!.... oh mannn... i shoulda bee na rollerderbu girl!>!>> theres still time~>>~>

    love this feeeeling

    love doing this!!

    Copper Harbor, Michigan, bike trail...weeeeeee

    Photographer: Jennifer Ilene. Model: Jason Elbracht..... playtime♥

    Angelo nero (angel preto) By Cigh! ( location :: Lençois, Bahia, Brazil )

    TOP TEN REASONS TO GO TO FAERIECON!  #1 You Yes – YOU are the best reason to come to FaerieCon. It’s You and people like you that bring your own unique passion and special interests in faerie and fantasy to share with everyone that makes FaerieCon the fantastic weekend it is. So let your inner spirit free and your imagination flow and meet your fantastic fae tribe for a weekend of fantasy and fun at FaerieCon.



    Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza

    walk across hot coals

    l LOVE whles its amazing to me while swimmingin the sea.. that there are mysterious creatures and massive whales swimming with me ♥



    ahhhhhh.. the sounds of the forest./... where yo hear the sound of your own heart ♥