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Ribbon organizer. This goes in the category of why the f**** didn't I think of that?

Best friend poses, idk when ill need this, maybe when i do a photoshoot with some friends haha

Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Focal Length of 85mm. His settings were a Shutter Speed of1/5600s and an Aperture f/1.2 with an ISO of 100.

I love this!! I want us on my wall like this.


5 Reasons Never to Leave Home Without Your Sunglasses

Cool photo idea for the next vacation

Take what you need. I want to do this one day and put it on a board somewhere and come back 5 or 6 moths later and see if any of these are left!

Scorpion @Sam Taylor Paniccia ...when I get it down perfect, we should take a pic like this :)

*ahem* Hey Bob, ever noticed that we flirt all the time (the ka-nee cap game, you pokadisiding me, in history when we sit with our knees laced, your night notes) but we also talk shit about people like besties and go to the movies like besties and were gonna have a bonfire like besties before I left... anyway. My point is... this is us.