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Old Survival Trick Revealed: How To Use An Acorn To Make A Very Loud Signal Whistle #thegoodsurvivalist

Hiking Necklace- awesome idea I got from a a lady at the Smithsonian. String beads, a tiny magnifying glass, whistle, compass, and flashlight on a lanyard. Great for exploring on a hike or just a walk around the yard.

I've always wanted to know how to do this. I will be trying this.

And now you know how to whistle with your fingers…

Make your own paracord survival bracelet. Customize it to your needs and save yourself some money. The pre-made loaded bracelets typically cost about $60, but you can buy the supplies to make about 10 or more for the same price. Update: I've swapped the regular whistle buckle to a whistle buckle with a hidden handcuff key, added reflective tape to both sides of the female end of the buckle, and added a 2" saw blade inside the bracelet.

Everyday Carry Emergency Survival Kit

Small Survival Kit Contents in Survival kit - EMERGENCY BLANKET Compass Whistle Energy Bar Flashlight and Batteries LIGHTER/Matches WET FIRE STARTER PACK COTTON BALLS /FIRE TINDER KNIFE Zip Ties Foil Wire (Can be for Snare) Candle Duct Tape Paracord Water Purification packs Flavored water pack Water bag Light Stick Poncho Gloves Super Glue First Aid kit Sharpening Stone

Survival Whistle from a Soup Can

Survival Whistle from a Soup Can - All