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By reconstructing an animal's conjectural structure by using known data, we can arrive at the possible picture of long extinct species.

Extinct Bears. 1. Short faced bear (“Arctodus simus”) 1897. 2. Cave bear (“Ursus spelaeus”) 1794. 3. Cat bear (“Ailurarctos lufengensis”) 1989.

Scientists Want to Bring Some Animals Back from Extinction

Scientists Want to Bring Some Animals Back from Extinction. De-extinction for woolly mammoths, mastodons, and sabre-toothed tigers?

Allosaurus_vs_Diplodocus_diorama.jpg (3776×2816) - Dinosauria. Auteurs : Jakub Hałun et Taxiarchos228, 2006.

Tylosaurus may have ruled the Late Cretaceous seas because all other would-be competitors, such as ichthyosaurs, were already extinct. Though they evolved from terrestrial lizards, the paddle-like limbs of giant mosasaurs like Tylosaurus were useless on land.