Blaze Starr, by Diane Arbus

Burlesque dancer Blaze Starr poses in her home in Baltimore. Photograph by Diane Arbus, 1964

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nyc, The dryer she is under is a classic Ullman Bonat salon dryer. They were made so well many still work today. I'm lucky enough to have two. They are wonderfully relaxing to sit under.

Allan Arbus and Diane | This Is The Hour...Allan Arbus (and Diane Arbus)

This is the Hour. Photo: Diane and Allan Arbus.

Eartha Kitt and her cat Jinx -Feb 1953

indypendent-thinking: “ Eartha Kitt In February, the singer and actress (who would later play Catwoman on television in was photographed checking her makeup with her cat, Jinx, lounging on her vanity table. ” It’s reported that Jinx.

Roger Mayne, Courtesy Gitterman Gallery. Girls Gambling, Southam Street, North Kensington, London, 1956.

Roger Mayne - Brilliant Post-War Street Photography

Diane Arbus - Masked Child with a Doll, 1961. S)

frenchtwist: via firsttimeuser: Masked Child with a Doll, 1961 photo by Diane Arbus: Dolls creep me the hell out. I don't mind the girl's mask.

1960s Actress, Scilla Gabel

Scilla Gabel, 1960 // (born 4 January is an Italian film actress. She appeared in 50 films between 1954 and She was born in Rimini, Italy.

“ Edouard Boubat. Paris, 1950  ”

“ Edouard Boubat. Paris, 1950 ”

Diane Arbus, Woman on Street

Woman with white gloves and pocketbook, NYC 1956 by Diane Arbus / The Estate of Diane Arbus LLC.

Diane Arbus Photography

Cora Pratt the Counterfeit Lady - alter ego of Polly Bushong. Diane Arbus Beauty With In Inside