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Hermione, Ron, Harry and Hagrid - Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter.

Harry Potter quotes


Good idea :DD

Hermione, I love how tiny she is in Hagrid's chair

*Harry Potter* AMAZING!!! So cute!!! :DD

*The many covers of Harry Potter. Wow.* Nice to see it this way :DD

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The person who put it this way is a genius!! It's so cute!!! :DD <3

Are they serious! You make sweets based on sweets in the most British series around and you name one of the flavours booger! Not bogie, booger!!!!!!!! #rantover

*The Spells of Harry Potter.* Jeejj :DD

*I just realized I know how to program my calculator to answer me as Tom Riddle. This is happening. (I can just imagine someone's face when they find "Files:Programs:Horcrux.")* :DD Haha :DDD

Hagrid and Fang

Liste de sort

Madeline at Hogwarts.

I don't care how many times I pin these pictures, I will continue pinning them.

Amazing Cover Design For Harry Potter Books by Kincső Nagy. Click through for more pictures.

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16 Rare “Harry Potter” Illustrations From The Books’ Artist (PART 1)

Harry Potter