Frames of Life, the eyewear campaign launched in returns to the stage. This time the frame is a cafe in a big city square, a place where an unceasing flow of people converges, all with one thing in common: the choice to wear Frames of Life glasses

We have a rainy start to this Monday morning here in Boston. Although I need to get a lot of work done today, I feel like staying in bed and reading the rest of the books on my nightstand. On my reading list: … Continue reading →

lover of books, scarves, beers, sand and sun. perpetual night owl who gets inspired late at night. I do not own any of the pictures from this blog unless otherwise stated. If you own any of the...

Long winding road By João Almeida. His passion for photography is mainly driven by passion for travel, either in remote locations or discovering hidden places in his country or his hometown, and all photos reflect his perspective of his wanderings.

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The things that keep a 26 year old wanderer happy. Communications nerd, photographer and runner living in Germany. Queer Feminist TCK with American citizenship and accent. Expect lots of :Photography. Public Diplomacy. Arabic. Israel/Palestine.