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  • Marie Ruthven

    The Squatty Potty Toilet Stool - instead of kegels for pelvic floor strengthening!

  • Allen C. Williams Jr.

    Some may laugh, but I know from personal experience that natural squatting works. The Squatty Potty works with your existing toilet conveniently sliding out of place when not it use. Less gas, pelvic pain, greater clearing of the bowels and other great benefits for overall better health.

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Great question.

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Seeing as how my New Year's resolution is to turn my ghetto booty into a tight ass, this is perfect.

  • Rachel

    Just a tip! Full squats are actually much deeper then 90 degrees. You have to go below parallel. You should be squatting like you are playing leap frog ;P. Like how kids squat to play with their bums almost touching the ground. Otherwise you are not activating the glutes but mostly just the quads. Hip thrusts are in my opinion the best exercise for glutes though :)

  • tabitha hixon

    Rachel what are hip thrusts?

  • Rachel

    Tabitha, look up Bret Contreras! He is the glute king. His book Strong Curves is simply amazing. I've gone through two of his 12 week programs. Amazing.

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