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Teavana tea, teapot, and German sugar rocks. Love Teavana. Hooked on Teavana

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Japanese Goldfish Cast Iron Teapot at Teavana | Teavana. Lovely!

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glass teapot with warmer. My blooming tea from Teavana would be perfect in this. I want to have tea party lol!

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teavana - i want this so badly! perhaps for christmas...friends? hehe

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Black/White Hand painted Teapot | World Market Our stunning hand painted teapot in a dramatic black and white pattern. Inspired by the beauty of traditional Asian floral patterns, our teapot gets a surprising update in a modern ebony and white cutout design. As a display in your dining room or as the centerpiece of your tea service, this is a teapot that delivers striking elegance, sip after sip. Hand painted porcelain Matching teacups sold separately $16.99