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The Problem is Not Black and White

Romans 12:17 Being a true Christian is such a challenge but it's just not in me to give up anymore. I need more Jesus everyday of my life.


On the darkest days.

On the darkest days....and I straighten my crown✌

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I Deserve Peace (Live Life Happy)

I Deserve Peace. Peace from chaos. I was always there for people in my life. When I mean there. calling, talking in person, visiting. I was too much there for them. Almost self sacrificing for others I cared for. Was talking on there stuff. For the first time I have been there for me. Able to work on myself/ new goals, so that i can meet new professionals, friendships, and a respectable partner. It has been very challenging. Learned Who is there for me. how used I was. i have a choice. My…

There is no such thing that could not be done if it depends on will:-) people always can do anything they wish, the thing is that they rather don't want to than can't.

the words of an honest woman. These words speaks boldly for me, and it feel so good to read it over and over again

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Community Post: 20 Wise Lessons You Learned From "Stand By Me"

Support your friends and family. | Community Post: 20 Wise Lessons You Learned From "Stand By Me"


Translating the Untranslatable

pronunciation | mA-‘rak-E #meraki, verb, greek, love, creativity, creative, art, passion, writing, work, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, M

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Blueberry Crumble Pie

I LOVE blueberry season – it’s so wonderful.  It’s truly one of the times when living in the Garden State (home of the blueberry) comes in handy! This recipe can be adapted to fit any berry though – I am not a cherry pie fan, but cherries would be great in this!  Adapt as you like! One word to the wise – allow this pie to cool completely before cutting.  If you want it warm it will still taste {Read More}