A cup of sky @Michelle Flynn, Ashley Smiths cousin.. this would look cute in your tea time board #teatime


The bird and his reflection

Le Corridor de Mon Pére, by Bart Deburgh. The lighting and mist evoke a mysterious and calming atmosphere. This aligns with the curious alignment of trees to result in a peaceful photo. Even the colors are muted to a neutrality that nearly goes unnoticed. However, had it been black and white, the stronger contrast would have introduced an element of duality, contrary to its current serenity.

Air & Water

Tree at Sunset by Michael Johnsey  - crescentmoon @Rachel Hart

Light. S)

Cherry Blossoms #BeautifulNature #Reflections #NaturePhotography #Nature #Photography #CherryBlossoms #Sakura

Trees in Snow

whispersofthebeloved: “ I was always a beautiful swan, NEVER a ugly Duckling. ”


Planinsko polje XXVIX by Gorazd Kranjc, via 500px Love this pic! Would be a great print for my office!


The spooky tree was the first thing to appear. Everyone agreed it was a bad omen . . .

Sun Rays Cool Shot Would Like To Find Original Link This One Goes To Piccsy But Not Direct Image Still Really Like It Though #photos, #bestofpinterest, #greatshots, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu

reflections of trees in water

black and white photo - nature - trees - beauty ❤️Studió Parrucchieri Lory (Join us on our Facebook Page) Via Cinzano 10, Torino, Italy.

black & white

Jose Viegas