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classroom management (flight) plan {printable

My plan always focuses on making choices. My classroom management verbage always focuses on choices. My rewards did not. So this year, I will be adding to my plan and I think it will help me make the slight degree of adjustment to make for a smooth landing and great school year!
  • Joy Reno

    Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did great! So many great ideas for behavior management and procedures.

  • Liam Romaguera

    Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did #modern home design #modern house design

  • Cassie Irwin

    Maybe something like this as reminder of behavior plan ("I will raise my hand to speak") and reward with sticker on bracelet??

  • Taylor Shirkey

    Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did great! I love this idea - maybe cut a few blank bracelets so that positive behavior comments can be customized to reflect child-specific behaviors

  • Christine Reeve

    Free behavior bracelets let parents know their child did great! Great blog post about classroom management strategies too.

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