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Also known as the "banjitar" the Alabama 6 String Banjo gives you all the sound and glory of a banjo with a 6 string guitar neck. Play all the same shapes, licks, and tricks you know on guitar with that bright, punchy banjo sound.

6 strings of guitar + 2 strings of bass = 8 strings of awesome! The 8 levers on the body can be used to strike strings or to dampen them.

Voguefrom Vogue

A Los Angeles, une vente aux enchères au tempo rock'n roll

I love these Fender 12 strings, but especially like the color.

The sculpting in these custom guitars are too too sick!!!! Beautiful! I wish I knew how it sounded personally!

John Entwistle's • 'Boris the Spider" ALEMBIC Explorer | 4-string Spyder Bass with V-shaped Headstock, Spider Web-Silver Inlay. "Nicknamed "ALEMBIC EXPLOITER" by ALEMBIC and John, due to it's obvious similarity to a Gibson Explorer". ALEMBIC gl

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Clearance | Gretsch G5422DC-12 Electromatic 12-String Hollow Body Guitar

Gretsch G5422DC-12 Electromatic 12-String Hollow Body Guitar

Les Paul | "The Log." One of the first solid-body electric guitars, built by Les Paul out of a 4X4, an Epihone neck, homemade pickups, and a Vibrola bridge and tailpiece. He added the wings to make it look like a traditional guitar, even though they didn't change the sound.

Joe Perry leaves it all on the stage (with a Gibson guitar I might add) for Nobody's Fault "Man has known And now he's blown it Upside down And hell's the only sound We did an awful job And now they say It's nobody's fault

Hand Painted Guitars, Ukuleles, Lichty Guitars-3 by cwds, via Flickr Artist Guitars Australia - #artist #guitars #australia epiphone, fender acoustic guitars and electric guitars sale

Towels, napkins, socks, t-shirts, old ties....banjo players will use anything to help dampen the head of their banjo and take away the "pingy" overtones. The Banjo Cloud takes the place of these everyday objects and gives you a dedicated one-size-fits-most solution for your instrument. The Banjo Cloud is made of a rubber foam, is cut to fit most banjos comfortably and reduces sustain while giving a crystal clear & plunky clawhammer sound. Perfect for getting rid of those pesky overtones!