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Image of an early ambulance. The lettering on the side of the ambulance reads "Hospital and Health Board". The hubcaps are clearly marked GMC. The tires are marked Goodrich.

Jefferson Coates, who lost both eyes at Gettysburg and was awarded the Medal of Honor ca 1870

Washington, D. C. ambulance wagons at Harewood Hospital, Civil War. This picture was taken in 1863 near City Point, Virginia. The picture shows a wagon train of Civil War Ambulances. Battlefield medicine was still in its infancy at this time, and getting injured in combat usually meant dying of infection.

Confederate prisoner after the battle of Gettysburg (detail, Mathew Brady, July 3, 1863).

View of the interior of a motor ambulance parked at a base hospital in France.

I live in the South Carolina and last year when we went up to Gettysburg for Christmas, it started snowing on Christmas eave and after Christmas eave mass it was dark out and daddy took me, my mom and my sister for a drive through the beautifully decorated, snow covered neighborhoods and through down town Gettysburg. I was the most indescribable experience. I have never experienced Christmas like that before and I will NEVER, EVER forget it!

Gettysburg. I'm proud to live in the state of this historical place. My husband is dead set on us staying there over night.. crazy man! Lol.

Picture of Gettysburg, PA

The Daniel Lady Farm, on the Hanover Road east of Gettysburg, was used as a Confederate Field Hospital. Robert E. Lee used this residence for a council of war on July 1, 1863.