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sometimes it really really feels like a punishment though! but i know i should be thankful that i am capable and healthy to work out!

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You don’t get it by staring. You don’t get it by wishing. You don’t get it by drooling. You don’t get it by hoping. You don’t get it easy. You get it by getting off your ass and working for it.

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How to Apply Muscle Activation Therapy

progress is what i need to go for abs are made in the kitchen!!

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What fits your busy schedule better - exercising one hour a day or being fat 24 hours a day? Ouch, need to remember this!

motivation: reality check to stop eating crap

Yes, because if you *don't* eat a bag of chips you will look like this. It's that simple. Everyone who doesn't eat bags of chips can be a VS supermodel!

When you finish a great workout you feel GREAT!

Looking for fitness challenges? Build muscle, motivate yourself to exercise, lose weight and mix up your workouts!

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation, It's all about vision

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when your mind says 'I can't do it', tell it- 'Yes you can.' when your legs feel like they can't take one more step- make them take ten. when you feel tempted to stop before your goal- go one mile further. it takes a warrior to keep fighting on- and you can BE that warrior!

A new study confirms that positive self talk increases endurance. Using positive self talk you can increase your endurance by.