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I mean there is not much that is cuter than baby otters. Did you know that otters hold hands in water as they sleep so that they don't drift apart from each other? I need a baby otter or two!


~~ Dear Otter God by Carter News Agency ~~ not a puppy but so cute!

Otterly disgusted.

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omg thumbs monkey tooo cute

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. I want oneeeee!

Another adorable  otter!

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To us, every animal is family, and if you live in BC, chances are you’ve seen our adorable Sea Otter critters in commercials. After a few of our team members read about the poor orphaned Sea Otter…

Otter my-favorite-animals

Happy baby animals always make me smile. This kissing (or nomming?) otter baby just oozes cuteness.

Little balls of fur

Little balls of fur

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Otter pup. Oh my Lord. Baby thing. I want!!!!

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baby Sloth

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