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WATCH: Nondisclosure, the Trailer // Check out our video on the story of Wall Street Journal’s struggle with journalistic ethics, and their bad habit of not disclosing political advisers who write for them.

Ted Koppel to Bill O'Reilly, on the state of the media: "It's a business. And it's operating as a business. And once upon a time you and I actually thought journalism was a calling."

Ann Coulter On ABC: "I Think Civil Rights Are For Blacks," Not Feminists Or "Gays Who Want To Get Married"

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Pat Robertson: Raising Retirement Age To 72 Won't "Hurt Anybody Because People Really Like To Work"

Pat Robertson hits a new low, advises not to adopt children.

What's the difference between GOP VP candidates Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan? Not much, if you're listening to Fox News.

"Once again, we put something on the air that's a flat-out lie" Fox News host slams Fox's distorting Obama's comments

Fox host condemns Fox's distortion of Obama's comments: "Once again, we put something on the air that's a flat-out lie"

CNN's Dana Loesch Repeatedly Denies That Obama's "Build" Comment Was Taken Out Of Context -- ABC Panel Disagrees | Video | Media Matters for America #thisweek #danaloesch

@Media Matters' David Brock explains the Fox Cycle on Current TV's The War Room with Jennifer Granholm. #mediamatters #davidbrock #currenttv

Great cartoon from Center for Media and Democracy that explains how a bill becomes a law ALEC-style. By Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Mark Fiore. #ALEC #alecexposed