spectacular aurora

igloo under northern light, Canada by themunchkin

Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis in northern Norway

Aurora moonset - Alaska - USA


03/08/2012: One result of recent solar flares: One of the strongest solar storms for many years straight hits Earth's magnetic field. In the north of Scandinavia have been seen in its spectacular Northern Lights series - recording here the sky is near the Faskus fjord on the east coast of Iceland.

Aurora Borealis, Alaska...I will be setting these in Oil Paintings..."can't wait"

Aurora Borealis | Circle Wall Decals | WallsNeedLove

northern lights

Multicolor Aurora Borealis -Beautiful

70 lightning strikes in one shot

✮ Northern lights in Finland

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights - Norway

Northern lights in Norway

Northern Lights

January Aurora Over Norway

Apres Grande 12, by Christian Chaize | 20x200

Northern lights in Iceland