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  • Husky Powered

    Pit Bulls are the NUMBER ONE pet surrendered by owners at the animal shelter, and it is often because rental properties have indiscriminate BREED bans based on hype and lies, and people are forced to give up their beloved pets. If you can involve a wonderful dog in your life without fear of someone forcing you to give it up, please, PLEASE, visit your local animal shelter. The immense feeling you get from rescuing a life cannot be measured or replicated.

  • MikeKristi Navarre

    Stop Bullying my Breed. I don't have a pit but I don't like stereotyping of animals or people. It was the Doberman then German shepherd and Rottweiler now it's the pit bull. People are the problem.

  • Geneva Hendrix

    A study, published this week in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, with researchers questioning 6000 dog owners had some surprising conclusions. The dog breed most likely to bite was not the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, or German Shepherd, but …wait for it…the Dachshund. And second was the Chihuahua, followed by the Jack Russell Terrier. #SavetheBullies

  • Adriana Candiales

    pit bulls awesome Tengo un mestizo de pitbull adoptado de la calle

  • Jacolen Richardson

    pit bulls awesome. I love my pitty and she loves everybody!!

  • Jenn Penning

    For the love of Pit Bulls my pitt bull is amazing!

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Help End BSL... learn the truth about pit bulls and bully breeds. On National Pit Bull Awareness Day visit your local shelter and meet a pit bull... enjoy their love and happy personalities.

. Pit Bulls dumb question I have a heart problem and I always wanted a German Shepard and I lost control of one she didn't mean to long story but I need something that will listen well would one listen?

Every dang pitt bull I have met has been this way! Trying to lick my face or thinking they are little lap dogs! End the stereotyping

Ugh, I can not stand ignorance! It's not the breed, It's the owner! Society really needs to stop stereo typing! Animals are just like us, you react to how you're treated and you defend your self! It does not matter what type of breed they are, it's all on how you care for them!

I love my pit! This is true for all dogs but pits get the bad rep when they are truly a product of their owner.

I will hang this in my room. TO those people that hate Pit Bulls hang out with one for a little bit. What do you think?

I recently heard these called "hat ears." 😊

Beautiful Pittbulls ♥ I wish people treated them like humans and not just dogs... Their more than that