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  • Sharon Hejduk

    The Unitarian Church, in Charleston, SC - Beautiful... I'm going to visit this place!

  • Ann Korzep

    Amazing architectural design pattern

  • Djinne Shine

    Interior of Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina BEAUTIFUL

  • Faux the Frill of It

    AMAZING ceiling detail... Unitarian Church in Charleston SC

  • Greg Imhoff

    The Unitarian Church, Charleston, SC "A fan vault is a form of vault used in the Gothic style, in which the ribs are all of the same curve and spaced equidistantly, in a manner resembling a fan. The initiation and propagation of this design element is strongly associated with England." Wikipedia Something beautiful via repetition of a abstractly simple theme. Not bad at catching the light either.

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Rococo, also referred to as "Late Baroque. See how much usefull things You learning.. when visiting my "besserwisser" Pinterest

Spectacular. White on White with this kind of texture & detail is glorious.

beautiful white Lace/ draped over white chair, white bedroom and light how came it there?

A #PRAYER FOR #TODAY Father, thank You for the flood of victory that is headed my way. I trust that You are the One who will silence my enemies. I set my hope and love on You today and look for Your goodness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD This is crazy beautiful!

Wow! Photo via John Grant Construction, Redmond, WA

Shuswap Tiny Church ~ This tiny church located in Shuswap, BC, is a functioning church that seats 8. {All you need is, "two or more, gathered in his name" so this tiny church is just big enough.

Yes, personally I think it would be AWESOME to have a church turn into a home. I don't know if that's considered sacrilegious, and I don't know what kind of bad vibes I'm letting in doing so. But I kn ow that I LOVE religious art, and I would like to LIVE in it too.

St.Olaf's Church, Balestrand - Norway...both of my grandfathers had Olaf as part of their name.

So this is a church, but it makes me think of Barad-dûr... the clock looks like an eye and everything lol!

The Chapel of St Non's, St David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales