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Hilarious!! ...I seriously do this... I am a Virgo...and my family knows my favorite thing to say is "Google It" ....


Virgo Charm Necklace

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TheZodiacCity - Get Familiar With Your Zodiac Signfrom TheZodiacCity - Get Familiar With Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Zodiac Facts

sun sign: In a relationship, the Sun in Virgo finds comfort in the routines of daily life. When they’ve found a worthy mate, they revel in the patterns and habits of togetherness, and can begin to relax into the beauty of the familiar.

A virgo is genuinely a nice person but once they feel you have crossed the line, they will never look at you the same.

A Virgo's mind is like a machine, gathering and storing away information that you provide now to be compared with things you say later


The Best Zodiac Facts


Haha, yeah guys, this is why you don't wanna talk to me sometimes

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"Virgos are not really complicated, but at the same time they are. The reason being, on the surface they are so calm, collected, reserved, and down-to-earth. Inside however, there is a WHOLE lot going on especially in their mind. They will usually paint the picture that everything is okay, but they are dealing with a host of things and their own criticisms top the list."