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I am going to be very sad The Closer is over this year.  I will miss the drama and story line.

TNT is home to my all time favorite detective series. Sad about it being the last season, but looking forward to the Major Crimes spin off.

Drama Television Series - White Collar TV Series - USA Network -White Collar - USA Network

USA Network Original Series - White Collar starring Matt Bomer as con-man Neal Caffrey, and Tim DeKay as Special Agent Peter Burke.

Justified, such an amazing show

Justified - Timothy Oliphant and Walton Goggins. this is one fast 60 minutes.

Memphis Beat on TNT

Memphis Beat on TNT

Vera, Set 5 DVD - shopPBS.org

Vera, Set 5 DVD - shopPBS.org

It's getting there.  Not as good as The Closer yet.

Not as good as The Closer yet.

Dame Judi Dench & Michael Gambon in Cranford - ah - what gentility!

Judi Dench and Michael Gambon in Elisabeth Gaskells "Cranford" (TV-Series Highly recommended for all period drama lovers!

UNITED STATES OF TARA- another great showtime show! so sad it is over...

The United States of Tara. Found it 'by accident' on The Tudors' DVD. Witty, well-written, incredible acting from Toni Collette. Making my time on the treadmill fly by.