Doxie tootsie roll! OMG! My kiddo was talking about doing this to Heidi for Halloween!

Dachshund...pulling up daisies

Best Halloween costume ever!!

Aww! This dachshund is so adorable!

.Slinky dachshund LOL.

dapple dachshund

Arrrrr, move aside Johnny Depp!

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Doxie Taco. My little man, Brisket, dressed for #halloween : )

Festive puppies

Winner: Jack Sparrow - read more here:

dachshund love.

Racing wiener! Must get my dog one of these little passengers


Rarely seen in the wild… the Peacock Dachshund


Christmas dachshund!

Hot Dog Vendor Costume - wonder if our dogs would let the girls carry them around?

OMG - I could die of the cuteness!!!