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    Skills: This novel study is for the book Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe. This book is a Guided Reading Level Q and Lexile of 710. DRA of 40 This novel study is perfect for a 2nd grade shared read or a 2nd grade small guided reading group. $5.99

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Friends~Back to school is such a crazy time of year. You have so many varied levels going on in your room and you are trying to assess and get to know your kiddos. Well, let me help you a bit with these fun ALL About ME-s! In this file, you will find 10 All About Me and Favorite fill in sheets. Students will circle words and illustrate all about themselves. There is even a corresponding writing prompt for each sheet. $2.39

These are hero capes. You can print them on cardstock, cut them out, make a hole where it should be and tape them to lollipops to make superhero lollipops.

What's Your Superhero Name?

Popsicle Stick Superheroes - Kid Craft -SWAP???- "I'm a Girl Scout what's your superpower?!" Add pigtails?

Kids super hero pictures:)

It's a's a, it's a flying Tootsie pop. Print, cut and punch a hole into these super hero inspired valentine's day cards for a cheeky favor this year.

Ten Themed Alphabet Prints | Apartment Therapy

Now we're talking for real... t-shirts cut into the shape of a cape... and you're pretty much done! I'm going to do this w/some white shirts and have the kiddos color them if they want

Place cards made from erasers-would be cute on desks for the first day of school. (scheduled via

FlapJack Educational Resources: ClassDoJo 100 Points Club - Are you using ClassDoJo? Here's an easy, inexpensive way to motivate your students with their little precious monsters. (scheduled via

Figure Me Out! An "All About Me" math activity for the beginning of the year. This could be ADAPTED FOR YOUNGER children by using addition and subtraction equations. (scheduled via

Free Ideas- Blog post- Do you need help teaching fragments? Designed by Rockin Resources (scheduled via

I love these pick-a-prompt writing ideas! I know my kids will love them too! Check it out! (scheduled via

coding gives students a chance to think about what they are reading and ask themselves how it fits in their schema. Is it something I already know? Is it something amazing or interesting? Is it something new that I didn't know before? Is it something that makes me ask a question, or that I'm not sure I understand?

Do you know what type of liquid will help an apple from browning so fast? Why not do an experiment with your kiddos to find out!? (scheduled via

Who's Who and Who's New: Why You Need Trello In Your Life!

Under the Influence...of the Ron Clark Academy!

15 Genius Teacher Tips. Pick up glitter messes with a lint roller, organize books with paint sticks and so many more why didn't I think of that tricks. {Playdough to Plato}

19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know.....I want to try the beach ball idea

Make Earth Day fun and educational with these great paper bag hats and book study!

Earth Day Celebrations!

I love letting my kids choose their own stations and I made a few adjustments this year. Not only did I put the kids' pictures on the cards, but I also put their pictures on the library card pouches that hold the cards. rockinteachermate...