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"The Forme of Cury (Forms of Cooking) is an extensive recipe collection of the 14th century. Its authors are given as "the chief Master Cooks of King Richard II". The modern name was given to it by Samuel Pegge, who published an edition of it in 1791 .... the best-known medieval guide to cooking ... written in late Middle English (circa 1390) on vellum and details some 205 recipes" - wiki ... Modern English translation:

Old French Cooking Book, La Veritable Cuisine De Famille

Marzipan with Period Coloring. Source: Forme of Cury, The Ladies Cabinet, Ruthven, 1655, The English Housewife, Gervase Markham, 1615.

Recipe 27: Trifle. Thomas Dawson, The Good Huswife's Jewell. England. 1596. More of a custard or fool than the famous English creme Anglaise, this recipe uses new flavours, showing what was becoming available through new trade markets.

Chekyns in Musc: from "Ancient Cookery", a collection of 14th- and 15th- century royal recipes written down during the reigns of various English monarchs beginning with Edward III.

Boca Daze: Steven M. Forman: Retired Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter returns in Steven Forman's Boca Daze. Since moving to Boca Raton, Florida, Eddie’s busted Russian counterfeiters, solved at least two murders, thwarted neo-Nazi harassment, and gained justice for a number of those who couldn’t do it for themselves. This “Boca Knight” knows no fear—except perhaps when he’s facing the intimate challenge of sex as a sexagenarian. ( I started reading this on 11/16/12)

Hais was served at the wedding banquet of Muhammad and Safiyya. This version is adapted from al-Baghdadi's recipe written in 1226 CE; he recommends it for travelers.