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So tired of the Jersey Shore..but so addicted!

12 hours and 15 minutes to go...

If you have never checked out Suri's Burn Book, here is your invite.

Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!


Hot vampires! Yes!

Everyone is missing the boat on this show. Watch it. Now. Online. Start at the beginning.

Just kidding. No one is addicted to this show.

Could you imagine if this was real life? I'd be Serena!

This show gets better every season.

SMASH! Watch it! It will take you a couple episodes to love it, but you will.

So excited for this to be out on video. MUST OWN

Planning to be totally addicted to this show. Love Nicole Richie now that she is grown up and still love Jessica Simpson...always have, always will

Words with Friends, Mobile App

Los Angeles

Lady Gaga, The Fame

Forever 21 Logo

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Gossip Girl