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    • DisturbedKornGirl

      #Fibromyalgia #chronic #pain

    • ~Cheryl Ruebel~

      I'm never lonely Because I have four men in my life... I get up with Charlie Horse.I spend the day with Arthur Itis. I dine with Will Power, And I go to bed with Ben Gay ! #chronic #pain

    • Laura Vago

      LOL, love the arthritis humor! :D

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    Today I turn 40. I am not old, I am retro. And when I'm 60, I'll be vintage. And when I'm 80, I'll be antique, but never old. ~Lori B. #paNASHstyle #paNASHquotes

    No longer your best friend

    My #drinking is completely under #control it's my #drunken #behavior I need to work on #LetsGetWordy

    Well, we made it another year without one of us either ending up dead or in jail. I call that a win. Happy Anniversary!

    If you can't be a good example, at least be an excellent little naughty warning.


    Memory and friendship

    Funny vitaminwater zero Ecard: You can always count on me to tell you the truth whenever you're lying to yourself.

    Funny USA Suits Ecard: I think everyone at work should appreciate that I do slightly more than the minimum required of me.

    Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm having the kind of day at work where I fear that I am a flight risk.

    Funny Flirting Ecard: I'm craving some hate-sex, so please do something to piss me off.

    I buy store-brand groceries so I can afford top-shelf booze.

    I have a dream that one day I won't have to work on MLK Day.

    I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend hating the rest of my life with.

    "Friday, Friday, Friday..." lol


    Me and Several of my friends!

    true story

    A woman’s poem

    I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.

    You'll always be a first round pick in my weekend drinking draft.

    these sayings are frequently used in our home (well, at least the last two)

    More wine, less whine