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3/17/14 7:58a The Moon: It's Growing Up You have to let it go. White nights by Juanfer Penagos

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Photo (wonder / wander)

[Little by little they changed, first from the inside...] ...then on the out.

The photographer of this simulated double exposure snapped two photos, cropped out the hand, and pasted one atop the other in Photoshop. He set the opacity of both at 50 percent and fiddled with the brightness and contrast until he found a happy medium. That’s it. No masks, no in-camera editing.

"Stellarscapes" by Oriol Angrill Jordà | #art #photography

When Ani was young, the night sky never ceased to amaze her and spark her imagination. Now, the night sky is just the beginning of a vast and sometimes terrifying adventure. ℰ.ℐ. ✦✥✦ (Art credit: unknown)