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Cell Phone Contract For Kids - maybe not this strict, but some of those are wonderful ideas to teach responsibility and respect.

Teen Behavior Contracts: Driving, Socializing, Cell Phone Usage, Dating, Attitude, Character, School, and much more!

iMomfrom iMom

Social Media Contract for Kids

We are not at this point yet with Nick's kids and are FAR away from it with Madison, but it's something parents these days have to constantly think about to protect their children. It's a good read for all my friends with tweens and teens :)Social Media Contract for Kids | iMOM

Sarah Titusfrom Sarah Titus

Busy Mom's Guide to Teaching Your Children Manners

FREE PRINTABLE: Have you ever wondered how some children act one way in public while others act a completely different way? This busy mom's guide to teaching your children manners is for you! Learn practical skills to teaching your children manners, what the manners are, and why they are important in this guide. Need help remembering? Get this free printable to help you stay on course!

I like to give $ for chores because it teaches the kids the importance of working hard and earning your $.

Date Ideas for Moms and Teenage Sons - Need to keep this one saved for a few more years.

The Happy Housewifefrom The Happy Housewife

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids: Printable

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Dear Kids, Living in this house isn’t always easy. Just like being a teen isn’t easy. You see your friends who seemingly have no boundaries and all the baubles in the world and you wonder why. …

Teaching kids about money - guidelines for teaching kids about money to be successful


Encourage Your Children Printable

Encourage your children! Just some thing to say when your child does something really good.