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    CellPhoneContract.png - Google Drive

  • Michelle Jane

    Cell Phone Contract ideas

  • Staci Brown

    MS - Cell Phone Contract For Kids - maybe not this strict, but some of those are wonderful ideas to teach responsibility and respect.

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cell phone contract between parents and kids. also on this site are contracts for internet use, driving, etc... Great Idea. Thanks iMom

A technology contract -- setting rules and teaching your kids about proper use of cell phones

Cell phone (and iPod) contract for kids

cell phone contract for kids - not that any of my kids have or need a phone right now

This is great! However, there are punctuation mistakes and errors!

Cell Phone Contract for Teens {FREE Printable!} - Houston Moms Blog

Free Printable Template -- Cell Phone Contract for Kids Make your kids sign a cell phone contract before giving them a cell phone.

Printable Cell Phone Contract for Teens! Doing this for sure when my son gets to this age!

We are not at this point yet with Nick's kids and are FAR away from it with Madison, but it's something parents these days have to constantly think about to protect their children. It's a good read for all my friends with tweens and teens :)Social Media Contract for Kids | iMOM