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Box - A simple and clean wine packaging design.

Let's start the morning with some beautiful Infini Coffee. #Packaging designed by Commune Curated by Packaging Diva PD created via

Tennis Ball for Wimbledon curated by Packaging Diva PD. Great tennis ball packaging for World Tennis Day.


Green Depot Eco-Friendly Light Bulb (Student Project) by Hyunseo Yoo

Turkina Faso - arthunter / SS'14

hanging lamps

milk bottles + carrier.

35. 富士山衛生紙盒

27. 可口可樂杯

20. 六尺之下影集 DVD 盒裝

17. Cole & Weber United: 假日木頭酒包裝

16. 戒煙盒

14. 福特漫遊者火柴盒 (Ford Ranger Extreme)

12. 防水手錶 (包裝裡面都是水)

11. 創意日本餅乾包裝

8. 奶油!奶油!(Butter! Better! )

41個讓你愛不釋手的產品包裝。這些包裝會讓你不買都不行! - TEEPR

5. 皇家茶包 (還真的是皇家呢~)

2. 音符 Note 耳機


Sant Aniol — Tema

egg mouse

Pencil case by Tomáš Král and Camille Blin