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“Bookkeeper: a person who just can’t bear to part with any of their books even though there is not one inch of space left to keep them.


Library warning: "You are about to enter a library. This is one of the most dangerous places you will ever visit. Prepare to question, think, and challenge. Enjoy your visit.

I'm more worried about what movers are going to charge me for tonnage.


Shall I cook, clean or do the grocery shopping? Ok, reading it is! These are definitely my choices for today

I just started the Divergent series and have big plans to finish pretty soon.  Sorry Jordan.

Here's a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Mommy's going to be busy with a new book series for the next couple of days.

....just too little time. (this should be Kelsey's theme)

Reading For the Fun of It

Edward Gorey (American author and illustrator, ~ “There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Book …”