From the crispest waffle cone to the tastiest and lightest cup cone, these four varieties stood out as the best of the best.

Homemade Chocolate Wafers (Polish)

LOVE ice cream cone

Marshmallow Cream Coffee

DIY mini cinnamon roll waffles on a stick!


Vanilla Waffle Cones - Martha Stewart Recipes

Roasted Cinnamon Ice Cream

Doughnut Waffles with Maple Glaze - these are the BEST!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastries

// ocean popsicle

Coconut Almond Ice Cream Sundae - Vegan Family Recipes

Ice Cream Sandwiches made with Waffle Wafer Cookies // SPLENDID!

Kókuszfagylalt – az igazi főzött fagyi receptje, mámorítóan krémes és ínycsiklandó!

Recipe for homemade waffle cones/cups... made these on a with a buttered hot cast iron pan, cooking for 2 minutes one side, then flipping and cooking for another minute on the other side...not nearly as pretty, or thin, as these...while they were warm shaped over a drinking glass. A bit cakey instead of crispy, but still yummy! Look for a waffle cone iron at yard sales/thrift stores!

Waffle cone recipe from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home via design sponge.

Lemon Cream Cheese Crumb Cake #lemon #dessert

Tequila spiked Mexican hot chocolate

Moms! You NEVER Thought Your Waffle Iron Could Do All This!! :)