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Health benefits of tai chi and qigong

History of Tai Chi and other alternative therapies.

Tai Chi and Meditation by the Waterfall

Tai Chi-my kind of exercise...slow but sure.

The oom-yang (or "ying yang"), the essence of tai chi and soft style martial arts. The essence of life itself.

Tai Chi...interesting. Gotta start studying up now. My goal this year is 30 minutes of studying each week and of course, additional time for practice. 2013 is my year to learn tai chi and become an semi-expert by December! Yes!!

[VIDEO] The Power And Simplicity of Tai Chi Qigong Circling Hands - In this video Tai Chi lineage holder Bruce Frantzis demonstrates and talks about Tai Chi qigong circling hands, a practice that stretches and opens the physical body, as well as activating the circular energy pathways in the body through circular motion. #taichi #qigong

The day I learned Tai Chi opened a whole new frontier into myself.