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  • Sherri McInroy

    sock bun curls for my new long hair style

  • Cynthia Wesson

    only 1 sock required to curl hair i (virginia) used this and it works amazing! and I don't even have curly hair!

  • Kelsey Rose

    Read the blog and have to try this sock bun curls... you roll a sock up in your hair and leave overnight to make soft curls.... tell you if it works??

  • Jessica Jarrett

    Awesome!!!! only 1 sock required to curl hair! Wish I had long hair to do this Did this and it works :)

  • Sydney Ezell

    only 1 sock required to curl hair! Doing this tonight to Hadley to see if it works.

  • MARY Peck

    This pin takes you to a website that shows tons of long hair styles and short too. really neat. You get this by putting your hair in a sock at nite. Sock Curl Hair

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Love the bow! And the hair of course!!🎀 Feeling jealous haha!

i always put another hair tie around the bun at the end to help hold it, and to help keep its shape.

Just cut one of Rylie's socks to try this for that curly hair style she wants.

So this will probably be out of style again by the time my hair is long enough, but...

Perfect spirals by doing a one-minute prep the night before. | 17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

Apparently the secret to the perfect curly hair overnight. A sock bun.

really like this hairstyle, wish i had enough hair for this!

1/25/2012 I just did this to my hair took 4 tries I now have carpel tunnel in both wrists, we will see if it is as wavy as the pics show in the morning....