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Clothes for Pear Shaped Body Clothes for Pear Shaped Body Type.a woman who is a pear body type is wider at the hips and narrow at the shoulders. so her mission is to balance the top and the bottom.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN:  The main goal of this type of woman is to emphasize the waistline, which is really small, and broaden the shoulders in order to balance out the proportions of the body. For this reason, belts worn on the waist and cap sleeves are always a great solution.  The key thing to really keep in mind all the time is that the attention has to be focused on the upper body rather than the lower body. Always wear dark ones for the bottom part and bright ones for the top part.

The Pear Plan Pears carry most of their weight below the waist (generally in the hips, thighs and butt areas). The Pear Goal: To tone/minimize hips, butt and

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