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The big technology shift when it comes to displays this year is 4K-resolution and as you would imagine Samsung and LG are leading the way with their Ultra HD TVs. Panasonic don’t seem to have an answer to this South Korean onslaught in the TV market, but this has not stopped them from pursuing other avenues in which to promote this new revolution, and so has been showing off their new 4K 20-inch tablet.

480,000 Bosch dishwashers are still in homes and could potentially be dangerous.

If the iPhone 5S disappoints you might want to try BlackBerry Z10, or even if you are looking at a cheap deal now for iPhone 5 vs. Z10. These three videos offer a little insight, but who do you think wins this battle?

Do you continually torrent files? If so, you might be next receiving a letter from RightsCorp that is working with over 140 ISPs.

How would you feel if you login to Gmail and find this redesign?

Surfers, Wave Riders and lovers of the ocean are going to appreciate the latest offering to feature at Kickstarter.