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There are some people who belittle others to make themselves feel better - Dodinsky

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probably one of the best quotes ever.


Make a difference in this world, to many get bullied each year because they're different and that sticks with them their whole life. If you pin this you agree with me. I am not just trying to get a lot of pins i'm doing for that are or were bullied and are to afraid to speak up or were not support this.

When Bloggers Bully {Cheers not Jeers} | Army Ever After

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: IT GOES ON. - Robert Frost

don't belittle, condemn, or squash someone else to make yourself feel better...you just end up looking foolish.



Truth. <3

"The real test of your character is how you treat the people you don't have to be nice to." Bullying – Just Stop It : A video on bullying and a thought to help us remember how we treat others.

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Don't be a bully people :l Original Quote By Diosa Arioto

Hmm - I wasn't sure whether to pin this one under "Inspiration" or Stuff that makes me laugh. It could be on either board.

Wish certain pll knew this